Several years ago my father, Joe Reyes, Jr., was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  It was at that moment that my passion for the treatment of those with Parkinson's Disease was ignited.  MOVE Therapy Services is our response to the need for Physical and Speech Therapy services to target deficits specific to Parkinson's progression.

The fight against Parkinson's Disease requires a team approach including patients, family, physicians, therapists, neurosurgeons and DBS (deep brain stimulation) representatives.  At MOVE Therapy Services we strive to be the expert link in this important chain.

At MOVE Therapy we offer the following services:

  • General conditioning for strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Balance training
  • Custom wheelchair evaluations
  • Neurological rehabilitation for multiple disorders/disease processes such as stroke, MS, SCI, etc.
  • Treatment of weakness due to Bell's Palsy